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11055280_901670136558976_6616453296406428636_o Karen the Designer CAMO TEE AND HAT EDITED

Karen Gold is a British designer who specialises in luxury apparels for the contemporary aspirational woman encompassing all things beautiful.


Our clean, and simple modern design aesthetic and brand identity, which is inspired, by Freedom In Fashion and Individuality in Style is more than just fashion, it’s a lifestyle coupled with power dressing. This is our DNA and this is evident in each design, which is classic, unique, elegant and sophisticated.


Our vision embraces the vocation to embody a passion for life and success. The collections showcase effortless style and combines clean minimal sharp tailored timeless trans seasonal pieces with rich colours as well as visual appeal for those who lead exciting lives and know how to break free from convention.  We break the rules.


Karen Gold’s woman values freedom and choice, doesn’t like to be confined to anything in particular and wants to stand out. We understand what goes into quality and appreciate responsibility and ethics by playing fair in the way business is done, believing in honesty and transparency and encouraging suppliers to do the same.


We pride ourselves on integrity and innovation; we consider our environment and care about our people.


The Karen Gold collection is “Made In Britain” and we are “Proudly British”




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Indigo Pink Clothing is a brand that combines style with innovative and cutting edge designs, endeavouring to push boundaries, inspire individuals and express universal statements through powerful images.


Drawing inspiration straight from the streets of the capital INDIGO PINK CLOTHING is bringing urban style to the masses through a range of Tshirts, Hoodies and Hats that are unique, as each one of the label’s growing number of fans.

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Viviane Gomis create African inspired handcrafted jewellery, millinery and accessories for fashion conscious women looking for exclusive, vibrant and edgy statement pieces that reflect their individuality and allow them to express it every day.

From a very young age, art has been a passion for Viviane. She started making jewellery about 12 years ago, after trying her hands at many things such as handcrafted greeting cards and wedding stationery.


Her creations have always reflected her identity and culture, so it was only natural that when she began exploring jewellery making, African Wax fabric (or Ankara) was one of the first materials she was naturally drawn to.

Her pieces became very popular amongst her friends and family, so ultimately she has embarked on taking this passion seriously and create a business out of it. 

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A historic and ground breaking concept of African couture pioneered by Hamid Mahjid Bun-Seisay.  This project serves as a prerequisite to drive the cycle of generational change by the imperative need to meet the desires of people from different parts of Africa and for a definitive and genuine African change to blend with our cultural difference and style.


The name Harique Vazi derived from the combination of the names of one of my sons (Harique: came from Haroun, Sharique) and Vazi (A Swahili word meaning “WEAR”). As a fashion person I realise that I spent a lot of my spare time looking and comparing the designs of great Western designers so my passion for fashion grew wider. I started looking at various African designers and their use of colours and mixtures of just African fabric and accessories, and as a result of this my love for fashion began to grow within. After travelling to Tanzania, Ghana, Morocco, Australia, America and parts of Europe, entwined with my background growing up between tailors and garment makers in Sierra Leone, I knew that more can be done to improve this industry.  I love what I do.

Following all this, Harique Vazi was born!


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Harique Vazi Designs by HAMID MAHJID BUN-SEISAY

11032022_357179987803933_3161233676361620062_n Pricilla head scarf new-0001 Izelia Logo


Izelia aims to create a modern and sophisticated range of ready to wear pieces through combining African wax prints with contemporary cuts.  Each piece features a new twist on African-inspired fashion and my interpretation of upcoming fashion trends.


The striking batik patterns, Tie-dye and the colourful Ankara print, is apparent of my African heritage and my aim of being among a unique set of AfriCapitalists – African entrepreneurs driving growth, awareness and development in Africa, through marketing and selling the best that Africa has to offer.


My ambitions stretch far beyond the UK to Africa. While Izelia showcases the best in contemporary African fashion in London, continental Europe and the US, it will also fundamentally be a showcase for the organic growth of Africa's fashion and creative sector which is being driven both in Africa and in the Diaspora by visionary entrepreneurs. Indeed in addition to partnering with and supporting women in rural Sierra Leone, I am looking to a future where Izelia will establish a strong manufacturing and production base in Sierra Leone, to support its growth.


I intend to inspire and assist women in the rural, be a voice for these women and young creatives. Whilst the brand is becoming well entrenched in the UK, as an African, I feel I have a role to play in the economic development of my continent. Through Izelia, I wish to invest long-term in Sierra Leone's private sector and I am interested in developing manufacturing, as well as production factories and establishing additional outlets in Africa. I am proud to be among a growing crop of entrepreneurs who are creating employment opportunities and bringing economic growth to our countries.


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